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Sunday, 3 August 2014


                 KADALUNDI BIRD'S PARK 

Kadalundi is famous for its bird sanctuary which is home to various migratory birds during certain seasons and has been recently declared as a bio-reserve. 

The Kadalundi bird sanctuary and its bordering  forest is one of the foremost attractions of Kadalundi.

First ever railway line in Malabar was between Thanoor and Chaliyam (in Kaladundi). Still the Coal (used for steam engines that time) can be found here at the place where old railway station was situated.

A large Wale skeleton can be found at Chaliyam kept in remembrance of a big catch at this area.

Pulimuttu (a long stretch of land artificially made putting rock and sand) to facilitate down loading of fish caught from the sea is here where tourists come to watch sunset.

Here you can also find a Light house built by British still working, guiding fisherman to the shore.

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